Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Beach Week 2012

 We had a great time at the beach again this year with the Harrisons.

 Katy and I decided that jumping photos should be a tradition, and we really perfected the art (this was the first try!).

 We rented some kayaks for the week and we all enjoyed going out and looking for dolphins. Matt and Wendy didn't crash.

 Neither did Andrew or Katy.

 Nate didn't crash, even with no other help paddling.

It was smooth sailing for Mark and Karen.

And for Andrew and I. (Side note: there were tons of dolphins like 5 ft away from us! So cool!)

Travis and Michelle, however.....

were not quite so skilled.


 Chilling in the shade.

 Playing in the sand.

Harrison perfecting his throw.

 I held baby Landon all week.

 Crab hunting! I took pictures while others braved their lives trying to catch the crabs.

 All ready for the pool.

 We also had a Big Splash Contest. 

And a Glow Stick Dance Party.

Can't wait for next year!


Nicole and Preston said...

You are gorgeous and so stinkin skinny!
Ps my peach shirt is from Zara if you are looking :)

Lauren Kay said...

you look so natural with that baby. i think you're ready for your own.