Thursday, October 29, 2009

trash day

At home mom and dad are always there to remind me when Trash Day is. In Utah, seeing as I am supposed to be a responsible adult, I have to remind myself. Turns out I'm not good at remembering things, and neither are Paige and Marianne. It also turns out that when you forget to put your trash out on the street, the trash men don't take it. And when your trash (i.e. meat) is left in your garage for two weeks, you might run into the following problem: maggots. I have one word for this problem: EW. How do you clean up said problem? 
1. Put on appropriate maggot-cleaning attire. For some reason this includes sweatshirts and spandex. 
2. Spray maggots with your strongest cleaning chemicals. 

3. Get someone else to find a way to empty your trash can. Andrew may have sat in the trunk while he held on the trash can so Paige and I could drive the car to a nearby dumpster. What a trooper.

Moral of the story: Remember Trash Day.