Thursday, November 5, 2009

happy birthday, stister!

P.S. Happy birthday, Kels! I love love love you, my stister.


Scary faces for their scary pumpkins that we decorated for the holiday. Notice the handiwork of the spider and the spider on the wall in the background. Thanks, Mommala!

Their happy 2nd grade faces with the pumpkins.

I had them write descriptions about their pumpkins like they were real people, and this was what one of the students wrote: This guy is not an ordinary guy. He sleeps in the day he attacks in the night you will not like it he will give you a fright. Bday Oct. 31st 2009 Booooooo Aaaaaaaaah

Dressed up for the school's Halloween Parade.

More costumes

The kids in uniform are "fouled soccer players."

On another note, my grandpa passed away earlier this week (scuba diving in Hawaii--whaaaaat?), so I will be in Oregon next week. If you're in Oregon, maybe we should hang out. Give me a call.