Monday, March 26, 2012


We've had a few visitors the past month. Amelia came here for a few days for an internship and I couldn't have been happier. We checked out some animals and the gorg gems at the Natural History Museum.

And obvs we went to Georgetown. I don't I can go two weeks without going there.

We also got to play some bananagrams.

I like it when I win at games. Here's proof I'm capable.

 Yay for our reunion! I need her to come again. Agreed, Amelia?

Nate and Jan came this last weekend to visit UVA. We went downtown to look at some of the monuments. Notice my white capris and flip flops. It's just been that hot here. Hallelujah.

We also saw the cherry blossoms.

I thought we were real good at posing for the camera. Well, some of us (me).

But then I saw this happening. Blows my skills out of the water.

Abraham Lincoln Monument. Easily one of my favs.

We checked out the National Zoo on Saturday. I'd never been to this zoo before. My verdict: it was ok. The elephants ruled, but I didn't see any polar bears. And I did not curl my hair that morning, it rained on us the whole time. Humidity does wondrous things for my hair.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Trip Home

I took three days off work to fly home to Oregon for Megan's wedding and to see my family. In true Oregon fashion it rained almost the entire time. 

 I saw a whole lot of these two kids and my stister. Kelsey likes to keep them out of the way in cupboards.

 I wanted to take a pic of my dad's new car for Andrew, but I had no idea my dad would suddenly instruct me on which angles were best. Instead of taking just one shot for a photo text, I was in the middle of a photo shoot.

 Obviously we went to Sezchuan Kitchen. I can't go home without paying a visit to the best Chinese restaurant ever.

 Everyone enjoyed it.
 At Megan's reception. She looked fantastic, as all brides should. It was so nice to go to her wedding!

 Lucy and I went and picked up a pizza together.

 She also insisted I take many pictures. This may be a family trait.

 Kelsey's kids are really good at smiling for the camera. Exhibit A: Thomas.

 Exhibit B: Lucy.

 Thomas is a believer in good hygiene and needed his hair combed and his teeth brushed.


I had two good rounds and it all went downhill from there. Remind me not to play with my mom again.

Other things the family is good at: dancing and playing the kazoo.