Monday, August 22, 2011

Halfway There

One half of this couple has recently found employment. This is good news, seeing as until last Friday, 100% of this couple did not have jobs. Can you guess which one was successful? I'll give you a hint:

It was this half. I'll be teaching 2nd grade again as a long term/maybe/probably it will turn into all year long. One down, one more to go. Anybody have any ideas of jobs for geographers? 

Thursday, August 18, 2011


This was my first year going to the beach with the Harrison family. It was so fun! 

 We took some jumping pictures

 Tie-dyed for the first time

 and the end result looked awesome.

 We played in the pool

 and in the sand

learned some new games

 looked awesome in photos

 Had a glow stick dance party

 Learned how to write my name backwards

 Took a family photo

 Caught and held a (small) crab for the first time

 Attended a pretend wedding 

 Played bocci ball

 And had a good time!