Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

Green dinner: green enchiladas, green Mexican rice, green drinks, green cake, green dinnerware.

The 3030 looks good in green.

Here's some pics of me WITH my class, just for you, Mom.

Aren't we cute?

Friday, March 12, 2010

catch up

Here's a rundown of recent events. I visited the This is the Place Park monument thing. It was actually pretty nice.

Somehow I've been to more Cougar events post graduation than I did in my four years of college. I went to the Hunger Banquet for the first time. I saw Angie working there, and I may have embarrassed her when I stood up, waved, and yelled her name repeatedly.

Paige and I at the HB.

Went to the BYU vs Utah rugby game. We won, and Andrew did a great job playing as opposed to being the waterboy.

For Mardi Gras, we made Venetian Masks. It was hard, messy, and time consuming. Worst tradition ever, Andrew.

They took a long time to dry. Not to mention they look like they would suffocate you.


Best mask makers ever.

San Francisco

Paige and I flew to San Francisco over President's Day weekend to see our friend Angelina Bena. Obviously one of the sites we wanted to see was the house from Full House.

Keeping your eyes open in the sun is harder than it would seem. I have not mastered this skill, and probably never will. It also could have been the Stanford campus that caused my eyes to involuntarily close, as it is the most beautiful campus I've ever seen. BYU suddenly doesn't seem so great.

Casualty of the trip. If you're wondering, yes I dropped it. Yes, it occasionally cut my fingers whilst texting. Yes, I'm an idiot for breaking it. Yes, I eventually got it fixed.

Walking the "Dish" on Standford land. It was real pretty, but real steep. I may or may not have been wheezing/complaining by the end of it.

I'm telling you, the sun in California is bright.

The beach? In February? Only in Capitola.

Alcatraz. According to Paige, however, it's Azkaban.

My wound. Slippery shoes+Steep hills in San Fran+eating lots of chocolate at Ghirardelli Square=Me falling on my foot on the sidewalk. It's still there, three weeks later.


The trio. Best weekend trip to date. Lots of eating, warm weather, and Angelina was the perfect combo for a perfect weekend.