Thursday, January 19, 2012

(Short) Christmas Break

 We kicked off the holiday season right with a tour of beautifully decorated homes. And by beautifully decorated I mean lights that Clark Griswold would approve of. Highlights: large blow up M&M people (see bottom right corner of photo)

 Parents of my students made up for being high-maintenance by giving me a gift card tree. Nordstrom=way to my heart.

 Christmas Eve and Christmas day were spent with the Harrisons. We went with twinner outfits for Christmas church.

 See? It may have been unplanned but I always love a good matching outfit.

 Katy posing with the tree.

  But I may have been the better model.

 The whole Christmas morning gang.

Christmas night I flew back to OR (Andrew followed that Tuesday) to be with the Hansen family. We continued our Annual Extended Lord of the Rings Marathon on Dec. 26th. The food spread gets better every year.

Thomas made himself comfortable and found a nice cushy seat. He is a slight little thing, so Grandma may not have noticed he was even there.

I got to babysit this thing for a night. He cuddled with me and Mom for hours and it made my day.

Best event of Dec. 2011: Tate was born! He is so cute! (Props to Dane and Ash. 3 out of 3 kids are cute---not bad.) I'm dying to get myself over to Utah to see him in person.