Wednesday, March 25, 2009

student teaching

Favorite quotes from second graders:
"She should be married already--she needs to find herself a man!"
One boy's nice note to another boy on his birthday: You are priity. Your eyes are priity.
"My brain doesn't work that way, it's at home sleeping."
"You'd be lucky to find a diamond inside a rock. You'd be rich--like you'd have $1000."
Girl: Cleaning my desk is really quite comforting.
Boy: Well, girls like house cleaning. Your desk is like your house.

All time favorite thing said by student: Hobos drink from puddles.

I'm in a sixth grade classroom now, and I'm going to be honest. They're not as funny as the eight year olds. I love them, but they're in that awkward stage and don't just blurt out everything on their minds. And they don't type "whore" instead of "were." Too bad. It cracks me up. Gotta love teaching.....right?

2 1/2 more weeks until V-Day (graduation).