Sunday, July 11, 2010

Project Dresser

Our garage workshop for the project.

Before shot of Paige's dresser.

Before shot of one of my drawers. Sadly I did not get a shot of the entire dresser before painting. Trust me, it was atrocious and purple/pink. And yes, those are stenciled butterflies and dragonflies on the knobs.

After shot of my dresser. It's a lovely sky blue, no?

Close up of my knob.

After shot of Paige's dresser. Moral of the story: we are crafty to the extreme.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Caryn and Lee finally tied the knot

Manti=windiest place on earth. Step aside, Riverton.

No picture is complete without Geraldine.

the reception was beautiful.

Fourth of July



Paige and I made sure to be back in Provo for Eclipse at midnight. So worth it.

100% team Jacob in the movie. He just has really nice abs.

Demolition Derby in Bluffdale.

whoever came up with the idea of watching cars crash into each other for fun was a genius.