Thursday, January 17, 2013


So I'm not so good at blogging regularly, especially since I've gotten into Instagram the last few months. It's just so hard to keep all these different things updated. And because I have nothing else to blog about (but I feel like I should write something), here's a quick recap of 2012.

I don't remember exactly when this happened, but I remember it was REALLY COLD when we did it, so I'm going to say it was January. We got a free china cabinet off Freecycle and Andrew and I painted it white. I would show you the finished project, but I can't find a picture of it....just imagine it.

Amelia came to DC for part of her internship and I got to see her! It was magical and like we'd never been apart. Come back, Amelia!

I went to Oregon to see my family and go to my childhood friend's wedding. I love any excuse to go home, so it was a win-win situation.

 I think this was in March, too. We went to an awesome carnival in Alexandria with Meg and Layne and I almost threw up after riding a few of the rides. Totally worth it.

 Nate and Jan came to check out the UVA campus and stayed with us while they were here. 

We went to Paris! This was my first time going to Europe and it ruled. We went with some of Andrew's family. 

 Eiffel Tower at night: best thing ever. 

We also went on the Garden Tour at the White House. The weather wasn't awesome for this outdoor excursion, but it was fun to do something so close to the White House.

There was a BYU rugby game in Georgia, so of course we went (I just really wanted to see Paige). As always, Paige showed us a good time. Most of these good times involved various restaurants, but that is exactly what I look for in a good vacation.

We started out June with a segway tour of DC! I love segway tours, and will look for any excuse to go on one.

For our anniversary and my birthday, Andrew and I went to Rome. It was the hottest week like ever, and I may have gotten sick due to dehydration, but Rome was worth all the sweating.

Went home again to see my family. I couldn't love our travel benefits due to Andrew's job more. 

Went to the midnight premiere of the new Batman movie.

 Went to the beach with Andrew's family. We swam, got tan(ish), kayaked, ate lots of good food, and enjoyed each others' company.

I love beach week.

Went to Shasta Lake with my whole extended family. This is the only pic we got of my immediate family. For shame! We were just too busy doing other things I suppose.

 Went to Charlottesville to visit Nate and Jan while suspecting I was pregnant.

Took a test and found out I was pregnant. Yikes! Is it just me, or is this baby already incredibly photogenic at 9 weeks? 

Whilst incapacitated due to pregnancy awesomeness, Andrew and I got a buffet off Freecycle and then Andrew proceeded to take over the reigns and finish the project. It's blue and I love it. Not much else happened in September because I was a permanent resident of the couch.

I started to feel better about life and we managed to visit the Great Falls with Nate and Jan when they visited over General Conference weekend.

For part of Layne's birthday week we went on a ghost tour in Alexandria. I love ghost tours! They're not really spooky but they are really informative and interesting.

The Harrisons went on a girls' trip to Savannah. Sadly I don't have any pictures from the trip that include people. But take my word for it that it was very fun and included lots of good food. Savannah was a beautiful place!

My momma came to visit! We went baby shopping, antiquing, and even made it to Mt. Vernon. I love that George Washington.

Andrew and I flew to the Dominican Republic for an excellent winter beach vacation. Why why why have I never done this before? The beach in December rules and I might have to make it a tradition.

After Christmas (which was spent with the Harrisons), Andrew and I flew to Oregon for a few days. I went to a wedding reception and got to see these girls that I grew up with. Three out of the four of us are pregnant, which is kind of awesome. 

This technically happened in January, but it was confirmed that our baby is a GIRL. Before this ultrasound the doctor kept saying that they were "80% sure" it was a girl. So I hesitantly bought a few girly things. Now we're 100% sure and I'm real glad I don't have to return any purchases.

And for your viewing pleasure, here is a current belly pic. I'm at 26 weeks and excited for April 25th to get here.