Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Paigmy Reunited

 Since Andrew works for United now, we can fly on standby for free. First order of business: 24 hour trip to Atlanta. Reason: Paiger. We only slept like 7 hours over the two nights I was there (on sheets that felt like the clouds), but it was totally worth it. We went shopping, ate Chick-Fil-A, ate at the Varsity, and took a haunted Segway tour of Atlanta.

 It's a good thing Dave wore that helmet since he crashed into a car an hour later. With the owner of said car standing right next to it. So embarrassing.

 SO HAPPY to be together.

 Pave. Or Daige? Whichever you choose, they showed me a good time.

 Paigmy kind of rules at the Segway. Which is more than I can say about Dave.

Traveling standby is nerve wracking, but totally worth it. We may already be planning our next trip.