Monday, November 21, 2011


 Working full time kind of sucks the life out of me, so I never really have a lot of motivation to go downtown, which is really a shame. A few times Andrew and I have mustered enough energy to do some short sightseeing visits in DC. One weekend we went to the Library of Congress (see above). It was beautiful! 

 Last week we visited the National Cathedral. It was awesome as well, and it was a fast trip (I get bored so so easily).  The gargoyles and such on the outside of the building were pretty cool to look at.

 I loved the stained glass on the inside.

The architecture really was amazing. There was an orchestra of sorts practicing and so we got to listen to some pretty music. I mean, it was no BSpears, but it was still cool.

We almost went to Mt. Vernon when my parents came a few weeks ago, but it ended up raining/snowing. And I have no desire to go outside when there's inclement weather, so we played card games instead. I feel like that still counts, though, so add Mt. Vernon to the list.