Friday, December 17, 2010

Reptile Show

We had a reptile show in class. If you're wondering, this snake is NOT the same snake, although it is the same kind, that Britney Spears used in her show. I asked, and was disappointed by the answer.

Giant snake that seemed to find me wherever I was in the room and wrapped herself around my leg. That snake is strong.

Lizard that is apparently a "good pet." Pssh.


Tarantula. I stayed far far away from it.

Just for you, Mom!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Hoopla

Eating Thanksgiving cupcakes that Paige and I made for our classrooms. They were incredibly intense but also incredibly cute.

While at home for Thanksgiving we went to Omsi and built a block castle in the toddler room.

Kids toys are fun for everyone.

Thomas loves me. (Duh.)

This is Lucy's way of telling me I hurt her feelings. Whoops.

We also went to an embarrassing Blazers game.

Freshman friends, or rather, some of the freshman friends right before Thanksgiving.

Harry Potter numero 7. This was like a holiday. It was real cold that night.

Christmas crafts create chaos in the classroom. Alliteration intended.

Christmas lights at Temple Square. Due to crowds we did not stay long.