Saturday, May 1, 2010

spring break

Our spring break trip to Cancun started in Provo. Then we drove to Vegas, flew to Mexico City, and then on to Cancun. Track suits were a must.

By the time we got to Mexico City, we were a bit tired.

While in Mexico we: coordinated our outfits

and listened to mariachi bands that groped us during pictures.

We read deep literature

Made bacon sandwiches (Mexico has excellent bacon)

and Carlo cringed at our touch.

We went shopping in Playa del Carmen

drank delicious Mexican Coca-Cola Light

purchased proper Mexican souvineers

And took nightly walks on the beach for good girl talk.

We went zip lining in the Mexican jungle

and rappelling.

In Mexico we also visited the ruins at Tulum

and swam where the "Tulumians" swam next to the ruins.

Got dressed up for dinner

enjoyed each others company

and ultimately, we got TAN.