Wednesday, December 21, 2011


 Paige and Dave came to visit us! I've never been so happy. We hit up a few of the sights, and they did some solo trips around town while Andrew and I were at work. Mt. Vernon was my second fav thing we did while they were here. Paige and I are real into George Washington now. Such a silver fox.

 Aladdin the camel. We weren't too enthusiastic about Aladdin's smell.

 But Aladdin seemed sure that eating Paige's foot was a good idea.

 Mt. Vernon.

 So good looking.

We may have spent like three hours at the Cafe Rio with Lauren instead of heading to the National Christmas Tree. So worth it. It felt like we were back in Provo.
We also visited the temple to see the lights and got to attend the best Christmas presentation I have ever witnessed. The performers may not have sung in tune and it may have been entirely in Spanish, but there was a young boy who was killer at the triangle, sticks, and jingle bells.

 Second camel of the trip. Paige was embarrassed to get on the fake camel, but I insisted.


I always love me some Paigmy time.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Day Trip

 We took a day trip to New York City on Saturday. Andrew had the pleasure of asking a lot of strangers to take our picture.

 It was real cold, but beautiful. We checked out Central Park and saw a woman pushing her dog in a stroller.

 I've never been to New York around Christmas so this was my first time seeing the tree in Rockefeller Center. It was big.

 Times Square. We found a burger place that had TILLAMOOK CHEESE on all their food items and they also had spicy sour cream that I put on my burger. Spicy sour cream? I've never been so happy in my entire life as I was whilst eating my burger with Tillamook cheese and spicy sour cream.

 Check us out on the billboard.

 A little zoomed in. We're in the bottom left corner. I'm wearing the brown boot and my arm and leg are out. We're famous!

 The New York Public Library was beautiful. It was also nice to warm up, take off my coat, and regain feeling in my hands. 

 This lion is made of Legos (clearly). This excited me.

Andrew putting those modeling years from his childhood to good use in the subway.