Monday, April 1, 2013

Baby Shower

Last weekend was my baby shower! It was mostly just a family event, but quite a few people came from out of town to be there (because I'm just that popular). My mother in law and sisters in law did an excellent job planning it, setting it up, and making delish food for the shower.

My seat of honor next to the gifts. The picture on the mantle was one that hung in my nursery above my crib when I was a baby...until I pulled it off the wall and broke the frame. But now it's going to hang in my baby girl's nursery! 

 See what I mean about the food? Check out the plate full of crispy bacon! I was pleased. And seeing as my appetite is only increasing as I progress in this pregnancy (which is doing wonderful things to my weight), I was very happy with the food spread.

 So we got to the shower, and I was talking to people and I turn around and there is Paige! I had been so sad because she couldn't make it to the shower, which was understandable seeing as she lives in Atlanta, and she drove up anyway! She came up in time for the Saturday morning shower, went to lunch with her cousin, and then left to go back home. I may have cried from being so happy when I saw her. I blame pregnancy hormones on that one. This is why we are BFFs. 

 Poking and prodding Baby Girl.

 Chatting after the shower. Jan (on the right) drove up from Charlottesville to come to the shower. She's due a week before me, and our girls are going to be BFFS (they really don't have much of a choice). All my favorites were at the shower, I was so happy! Like I said, I'm real popular.

 My sister, SIL, and mom flew out from Oregon and Utah for the weekend. It was an awesome, but too short, couple of days to hang out with just the girls. And I was in heaven spending all that time with baby Annie. 

 Harrison girls. So photogenic.

Andrew also had fun spending time with Annie. It was our mini-preview for our baby girl. He got some quality time with her in front of the tv. Sidenote: Annie loves the tv. It was pretty funny to see her head crane to see it from wherever she was, even in the room across the hall. Just like her favorite aunt!

 Andrew carried Annie around while we went sight seeing at the national mall. All ready for baby girl!

 Sometimes you're just so hungry you have to get food from the cart in front of the museums.

 That face! How can you not love it?

 Ash had never been to DC before, so we saw a few of the standard sights, like the Lincoln Monument (one of my personal favs).

 White House.

Besides sight-seeing, Annie got some good quality time in with her cousin. If you can't tell, she's giving her a nice big lick.