Monday, August 11, 2014

Beach Week 2014

Since Andrew is doing an internship, vacation time has been zero days. This means he was unable to come to any of Shasta week with my family and he only went to two days of beach week. Sad for Andrew! And me, since I was without Andrew for these vacations. Watching a baby solo for so many weeks at a time is hard work. Especially around water.

Getting in as much time by the pool as possible.

 Sunday best.

 Emma is way into swings. For a few months it was touch a go, but now it's just go.

 This is pretty much how beach week went. Annie trying to hug Emma, play with her, put her pacifier back in, etc. Emma wanted none of it, hence why she is trying to get away from Annie. So sad. I'm sure next year it will be a different story, because they have no choice but to love each other.

 Oh sun, you are so bright. 

 Trying to get our annual jumping pic. Sometimes jumping is just hard.


 Lounging at the beach.

 Emma was constantly making a break for the water. Which was a little nerve-wracking. 

 Like really running to get to the waves. Just look at those arms pumping.

 I think this may be the only picture of me besides Sunday pictures. Andrew is usually the beach week photographer.

 Emma loves Aunt Katy.

Despite Andrew not being there, Emma's age made this beach vacation more fun than last year's. Can't wait for 2015's Beach Week!