Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sept and Oct so far

It seems like way too much work to put these photos in chronological order. My apologies in advance.

 We went to Colonial Williamsburg with Nate and Jan. We had perfect weather and it was pretty fun, but we didn't get to see as much as we could have had we not had to constantly corral two 17 month olds.

 Case in point. 

 Emma became very attached to Jan. Elin wasn't too happy about this.

 Oooooh, rocks!

 Rocks AND dirt?? It's like Christmas!


I was excited to use my stroller as a double!  

 Emma was very tired due to no naps.

 Bath time. 

 Story time.

Last week Emma and I went to an apple orchard with Megh. Emma was thrilled with all the attention from Aunt Megh.

 Happy dance.

 Wearing cleaning gloves just like Grandma.

 This is from Laura and Marty's wedding. Emma was so beyond tired and looks it, but I was just happy she didn't cry or fuss to get down. Victory!

 The whole Harrison clan.

 Emma loves lounging on our floor cushions. It's her fav spot in the family room.

 These two loved each other way more at the wedding than at the beach. There was no screaming and crying on Emma's part, and no hair pulling on Annie's part. I was very relieved.

 This is Emma telling me to give her doll a hug. Don't even try to tell me it's not the cutest thing ever, because you'd be lying.

 She was so happy I let her take TWO monkeys AND Paddington Bear to bed. 

 The face of a baby who lost her monkey in Costco.

 Dinosaur rides kept her from throwing a tantrum.

Documentation of Emma's product of choice when shoplifting. Yes, that's a thong. Yes, we had to go back to the store and return it. Love it.