Tuesday, August 26, 2008

a bunch of stuff in one post

Sooooo I haven't posted anything in quite some time. This is because I was home...and I was lazy...and I just didn't get around to it. But in the time that I wasn't blogging, I was out doing other things with my life. Worthwhile things, like watching TV. Or babysitting Rafe and Lulu. Or pretending to not hear my parents when they asked me to empty the dishwasher. Or moving. Etc etc etc. 
Rafe sporting a raspberry jam mustache. My nephew is the greatest. My mission for the three weeks I spent at home: make sure Rafe loves me, that he knows my name, and that he acknowledges I'm his favorite aunt. Mission accomplished. 

After I got back, me and some friends went to see a free show in Salt Lake. Broken Social Scene played. Even better than BSS: singing Backstreet Boys on the way home. They're so in right now. BSB>BSS

Amelia became Sister Largey, she's going to the Baltic Mission. We had a last girls night together and said goodbye. Very sad, but I'm really excited for her. She's the only one of my close friends that has decided to go on a mission. I miss her already.

the first video is of Rafe and Lucy playing.  This is the tail end of it, and you can't really tell how much fun they were having. Basically, they were screaming at each other, laughing about it, and then doing it again. They are so cute together.
Caitlin insisted I put the second video up. I had a hard time putting my comforter back in the cover. Enough said. I had no idea she was taping me, by the way. I thought she was taking a picture.