Thursday, February 19, 2015

What Emma's been up to

Because we all need a little more Emma in our lives...

 It took almost 2 years, but Emma has figured out how to climb onto things. I was happy she wasn't interested in climbing, but it's also nice not to have to lift her onto every chair she wants to sit on. Although I don't love her getting on top of the table.

Emma has started to share her monkey with her dolls.  

This is a big deal. She doesn't like anyone to hold her monkey. My mom has a spare monkey at their house and Emma didn't even want her to hold it while we FaceTimed--even though Emma was holding her own monkey at the same time. 

 Maybe time for a nap?

 The day after we got back from our Italy trip was Sunday, and Emma was so exhausted she fell asleep in NURSERY. I went to check on her in between meetings and one of the nursery leaders was just holding her in the corner while she slept. I laughed and loved it because I got to cuddle her during relief society. What kid falls asleep in nursery? 

 She dressed (or didn't dress) herself.

 Should I tell her this isn't meant for her? She keeps throwing out the dolls and getting in herself.

 Emma came along for our Valentine's Day dinner. How romantic.

 Getting homework done with Katy.

 Helping make dinner.

 Waiting at the bus stop for the girls I babysit.

 Again at the bus stop.

Bella is always waiting for them to drop food at family dinner. She's never disappointed.

 Emma loves the snow way more than I do.

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ashley: said...

she is soooo cute!!! I love her.